Social media is a vital marketing tool for businesses. It allows them to reach and connect with their intended audience. You might have visitors and customers from different parts of the world. In such cases, your time zone and theirs won’t be the same. This is when a social media calendar is handy. It allows you to schedule posts that effectively reach your target audience regardless of their location and time zone. This is only one of the advantages of using a social calendar.


These are the other benefits of using a social media calendar for your campaigns.


Organize, Schedule and Track Posts

Creating a social media calendar makes it easier for your team to organize, schedule, and track all your posts. This allows you to focus your efforts and identify gaps in your content publishing. You’ll be able to monitor if you published a blog post, video, or infographic on any given day. It allows you to determine which content types improve the engagement of your audience. It also enables you to get an overall perspective of your marketing strategy when you see the content you publish monthly. This allows you to make adjustments that improve the effectiveness of your strategy.


Brainstorm for Social Media Content

An organized content calendar makes it easier for your team to brainstorm for topics and concepts you’ll use for your website and social media profiles. The calendar gives you an overview that enables you to exchange ideas and possibly recycle and repackage concepts you’ve used before. It also enables you to determine which types of content to use based on previous posts engagement. You can then lay out which posts you’ll publish first and which topics to put further down the pipeline.


Consistent Publication Schedule

You need to be consistent when it comes to content publication. It makes your brand predictable and widens your reach. It also gives your audience a reason to follow your accounts. It will be easy to do this when you have a social media calendar. The latter allows you to schedule posts throughout the week without the need to publish videos, articles, images, and other types of content manually.


Implement Social Media Marketing Strategies

An overview of your social media and editorial calendar allows you to implement your marketing strategy. You’ll get to see the details of your campaigns and adjust them based on the engagement of your audience. You can plan which types of content to publish that boosts your conversion rate. The insights you gain enable you to identify top performing content pieces such as e-books, images, white papers, videos, articles, and others. You can promote these using paid campaigns to generate buzz around your brand and build niche authority.


Monitor Performance of Campaigns

A social media calendar allows you to monitor the effectiveness and success of a campaign. You can monitor the engagement of your audience, identify which posts get the most likes, shares and comments, determine the reach of a post, and other metrics. This allows you to assess a campaign and determine if you should continue or change course.


A social media calendar has many advantages. It’s about time your business uses one regularly. If you need assistance with updating your accounting books, you can reach out to us at Robookkeeper. Focus on creating a calendar and running marketing campaigns while we do your bookkeeping. We offer first-rate virtual bookkeeping services for entrepreneurs.