The photos you upload on your website can either have a positive or negative effect on your conversion rate. One of the factors a potential customer uses in making a purchase is the pictures they see on a page. They want to scrutinize a product first before buying, especially if they can’t go to a store. They want to see different angles of a product. If they don’t like the pictures or there aren’t enough, they are likely to look to make a purchase elsewhere.  Therefore, eCommerce product photography is important because the photos you upload will make an impression on a visitor.


These are some of the eCommerce product photography practices you can implement.


Rule of Thirds

This photography rule allows photographs to balance their composition. The rule of thirds puts a frame into a nine-section grid with intersecting points. This enables photographers (even beginners) to identify the ideal focus of their photo, which in your case is your product. Experts stated that people’s eyes are drawn toward an intersecting point on the grid rather than the center of the frame. Following the rule of thirds allows you to take quality product photos for your website.


Proper Lighting Matters

Artificial or natural light can bring out the best in your products. Both can highlight the best angles of a product and show their features. Poor lighting can ruin a picture and turn off a potential customer. If you plan on using natural light, the ideal time to take photos is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. These times don’t create as much glare compared to a shoot around noon or early afternoon. For indoor shoots, place your product near a window to maximize natural light.


Keep it Steady with a Tripod

A tripod may seem like an unnecessary accessory, but it can improve the quality of your product photos. Placing your phone or camera on a tripod stabilizes it. You don’t have to worry about blurred photos because of shaky or unstable hands with a tripod.


Multiple Photos from Different Angles

When taking photos of your products, make sure to take pictures from different angles. A shot from the top, bottom, side, or wherever provides visitors with a clearer image of your product. This allows them to form their opinion about its appearance and imagine it in their room or using it. This approach also provides you with several options on which photo works best for your website and which one to match with your product description.


Contextual Photography

It’s OK to shoot just your products, but if you want creative product photography that may improve conversion rates, put your product in a context that your potential customers can imagine themselves in. Have a model use your product in ways that highlight its best features or a benefit you want a customer to see.


Minimal Props

The main attraction of your shoot is your product. Using too many props will draw attention away from the item you want to sell. If you want to use props, use as few as possible and use ones that complement your product. Doing so focuses the eyes of a visitor on your product and highlights its best features.


These eCommerce product photography practices make the item you post on a page stand out. Attractive and creative photos pique the interest of potential customers and may move them into making a purchase.


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