Attracting new customers is good, but your small business needs return customers. The retention of customers should be a priority of growing companies. Retaining a customer means that you gained a consumer that purchases your products or uses your services regularly. They may be recommending or promoting your brand to people they know. Loyal consumers form your base and provide you with opportunities to expand.


Here are some of the ways to retain customers you should consider implementing.


Active Communication and Engagement

Even if you have yet to convert a customer or they haven’t contacted you, you need to communicate with them in a proactive manner. Send a newsletter to your subscribers and keep your social media accounts open for comments, reviews, or just to start a conversation. Use a communication calendar to determine the last time your customers interacted with you. Reach out to them if their subscription is about to end and send promotions if you have new offerings.


Educate Your Customers

Create online forums and threads in your social media accounts to educate your audience. Create knowledge forums wherein your customers can read about solutions to current and potential problems they may encounter. They can solve their own problems before contacting your company’s support team. Establish and grow your authority in your niche by publishing content that contains topics relevant to your audience. Use various forms of content such as podcasts, e-books, videos, and long articles. This approach boosts both your search engine ranking and authority. This strategy is also one way to improve brand awareness.


Create a Feedback Loop

Retention of customers requires you to get feedback from them. Without reviews, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t. A customer’s opinion about your brand provides you with insights on how to improve your current and future products or services. Their feedback allows you to determine which features work and the possible flaws of a product. Establish a system that collects feedback from customers and disseminates this information to people in your small business. Send surveys to customers on your mailing list. This provides you with in-depth data about your customer service and products.


Review Churn Metrics

Some customers might suddenly stop doing business with you or don’t renew their subscription to your newsletter. You won’t know why this happened, if you don’t have a system in place to monitor and analyze churn rate. Reach out to customers that have stopped buying and using your products or services. Their feedback provides you with data you can use to improve retention rate and customer service.


Build Trust

Trust isn’t just about customers buying from you. It is something you constantly work on. Achieve this by delivering quality products and services. Always deliver on your brand promise and value proposition. Doing so improves the connection between your growing company and customers.


These are some of the best practices for the retention of customers. These practices allow you to earn the trust of your customers and turn them into loyal consumers. You might need help with updating your accounting books as your small business grows. We at Robookkeeper can provide you with affordable small business accounting services.