One of the main determining factors that convert a website visitor is a product’s description. The copy can convince a visitor to make a purchase depending on how you write it. The description section provides you with an opportunity to insert keywords for optimization, highlight the benefits and best features of your product, and include a call-to-action. These are the reasons it is important to have creative product descriptions.


These are some of the techniques you can use whenever you write product descriptions.


Start with Your Audience in Mind

Determine the type of audience you are writing for when you make product descriptions. Knowing who they are enables you to identify the kind of language and tone you’ll use. Use a conversational style that connects and grabs the attention of your audience. The way you communicate is a factor in connecting with your audience. This approach will make them read the description and improve your chances of moving them further down the sales funnel. Another benefit of identifying your target audience is that it provides you with insights about which features you should highlight. Mentioning certain product features entices them to finish checking out.


Concentrate on Advantages

When you write creative product descriptions, make sure to highlight the benefits of choosing your product over the competition. Mention the important aspects of your product, but also write about how it can benefit and improve a user’s life. Weave this angle into the facts about your product. Mention measurable ways that a user benefits from your product. Include data or a short testimonial from previous and current customers.


Elicit an Emotional Response

It’s not enough to mention facts and highlight product benefits. To stand out, weave a story into your description. Use power words that draw readers into your product. This sets them in the mood to buy and not just browse. Words such as wonderful, amazing, mind-blowing, spectacular, sensational, uplifting and others have the ability to elicit an emotional response from readers. Include a story about the product that connects with your target audience. Weave a story about the origins of the product, your inspiration for producing it, the journey you took, and its effect on a potential buyer’s life. Storytelling is an effective sales pitch compared to direct and hard selling.


Scannable Content

Website visitors are impatient, they want quick information. Your product description should be scannable and easy to read. A potential customer will first identify the main features of your product and then read about its benefits for them. Write short paragraphs and use white space effectively. Implement changes on your website to improve user experience. Keep your visitor’s eyes on the description until they click on the call-to-action.


Don’t Forget Keywords

Keywords drive traffic to your website and landing pages. Integrate high value search terms within your product descriptions. Use keywords depending on the target audience and intention of potential customers. Consider using organic keywords and paid ones. This diverse approach to marketing boosts your conversion rate.


Creative product descriptions pique the interest of readers and may potentially move them down the sales funnel. Use the above-mentioned tips to improve your writing and connect with visitors. If you need assistance with updating your accounting books, we at Robookkeeper can help. We provide first-rate and affordable small business accounting services. We have a team of experienced freelance bookkeepers that can assist you.