A customer wants to know the features and the details of a product before deciding to buy. They want to get good value for money. They compare products from multiple websites before choosing one within their budget. One way to convince a visitor into choosing your brand is by writing excellent copy. Product descriptions contain pertinent information, keywords that boost your ranking, and your call-to-action.


Write product descriptions using these proven techniques.


Choose Great Photos

No matter how well written your product descriptions are, you won’t be able to convince a visitor to buy without good photos. Use quality photos for each product page along with well-written copy. The words should describe the product and entice a visitor to add the item to their cart. Provide different angles so that a visitor can visualize the product even if they can’t physically hold or fit it. As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Include Materials and Dimensions

Your customers would like to know the dimensions and the materials used for your products. These details are important because the item they want might not fit them (if they’re buying clothes) or it might not match their furniture and interior design (for rooms).


Write with a Person in Mind

Write product descriptions that speaks to a specific type of person. Generic copy won’t get you the conversion rate you desire. Identify a target market with a distinct need, want, pain point, and/or desire. Doing so allows you to connect with a visitor viewing your product page. Simply listing down features won’t do. Relate the features with the possible benefits of using your product. Avoid using salesy copy because this might turn off a potential customer. Focus on the value you provide your target market.


Experienced-Based Writing

When you write copy, describe how a product feels like. Include various senses such as smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight depending on the type of product you offer. Consider comparing related objects to describe your product to paint a clear picture in the minds of your intended reader. However, avoid exaggerations that might lead to misinterpretations and unmet expectations.


Use a Consistent Tone

The way you write is a part of your branding. Identify a tone that resonates with your audience and use it consistently. This ties with identifying a specific person in mind when writing product descriptions. Use that persona as your template when determining the tone for your copy. Use language that matches your preferred tone and target persona.


Elicit an Emotional Response

The best copy always elicits an emotional response from its readers. Emotions such as happiness, curiosity, fear, envy, and other positive or negative ones can drive the actions of a potential customer. Write about situations that stir the emotional response you want and move your readers to act.


These are just a few of the ways that enable you to write effective product descriptions. Implement these whenever you write copy for your product pages. These draw the attention of a reader and lead them to an action you want them to take.


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