One of the first things you should do when launching a marketing campaign is build awareness. Brand awareness moves a potential customer further down the sales funnel. The more familiar they are with who you are and what you can do, they are likely to make a purchase. They are also likely to recommend you to people in their network.


Here are practices that improve brand awareness that allow you to reach a wider audience.


Contests on Social Media

When creating a marketing plan to boost brand awareness, launch contests on social media. This piques the interest of your followers because they want to win a prize whether in cash or kind. The contest can come in various submissions such as a photo, video or any kind of user-generated content. Ask your followers to share the content they posted. Set winning parameters such as the number of comments, likes or shares. Ask them to include a follow to your page to increase brand awareness.


Give Freebies

Gain awareness for your brand by giving away freebies. These can be mugs, cups, pens, shirts, caps, planners and other items. These items allow you to be present in the regular routines of your target audience. Constantly seeing your brand name improves the chances of recognition when they start looking for a product or service that addresses a need or want.


Consider a Freemium Approach

Improve brand awareness by offering customers a freemium product or service. This allows them to try your company and determine if the additional features and services are worth the investment. Provide incentives such as discounts and exclusive offers to upgrade from a free subscription or membership to a paid one. Include a limited offer to make their choice time-bound.


Use Guest Content

Spread the word about your brand by guest posting on other websites in your niche. A guest post showcases your authority and expertise about a certain topic that is relevant to your niche. It also allows you to link to another website that improves your ranking on search engines. Focus on a topic you know about and include related ones to give your piece depth. This can be in the form of videos or long articles.


Incentives for Referrals

Provide your visitors and customers with incentives to refer your products or services to people they know. These incentives can be one-time discounts, offers or freebies. This approach enables you to reach a wider base of potential customers.


Tell a Story

An interesting way to reach a wider audience is to tell a story about your brand. Narrate your journey as an entrepreneur or the team you have assembled. You can also create a story around the new product you plan to launch. This creates buzz around it and boosts awareness.


Remarketing as a Strategy

It’s never too late to convert a visitor that didn’t check out the items in their bag or simply browsed your pages. Remarketing is a proven strategy; it shows a previous visitor ads about your brand wherever they go online. Seeing your brand again might make them change their mind about you and finally make a purchase.


These practices improve brand awareness and enables you to reach more customers. More customers means higher sales and revenue. If you need help with bookkeeping, we at Robookkeeper can provide you with affordable small business accounting services.