Are you planning to become an entrepreneur? Having your own small business has plenty of benefits. You’ll be your own boss, flexible work hours, you can work anywhere, and you have control over operations. However, you’ll encounter challenges, failures and plenty of competition on your path to success.


These are some small business ideas that you might want to consider trying.


Open an Online Store

It’s now easy to launch your business because of the many online platforms or websites entrepreneurs can choose from. You can easily launch an online store selling shoes, accessories, clothes or any kind of item. It’s also cost-efficient to advertise your products online. Customize the demographics of your target audience to improve your chances at converting customers.


Start a Writing Career

One of the new business ideas you can implement is writing. You don’t even have to hire employees to start a career as a writer. This is a kind of business you can do on your own, especially if you already have the skills and expertise. Start a blog within a niche you have knowledge in. Choose topics that address a need or provide specific solutions. It helps to use different kinds of content such as videos, infographics, and others when you publish posts.


Rent Your Place

You can list your place for rent. Tourists are always looking for good value accommodation that’s easily accessible, near attractions, bars and restaurants, and comes with the amenities they need. If your apartment ticks all those boxes, you can profit from renting it out to holiday goers. You might have to spend money for renovations and new furniture, but consider these as investments and not expenses. Consider applying for a small business loan, if you think you lack the funds for this project.


Buy and Sell

The reseller market provides you with opportunities to make money. Some limited edition items sell for much higher than their original retail price. Sneakers, perfumes, shirts, player cards, signed things and other similar items are sought after by avid collectors. They will buy these regardless of the price.


Teach or Tutor Online

Teaching or tutoring online is one of the small business ideas you can try. Opportunities to teach a foreign language you know (English, Chinese, French, Spanish and others) abound. Some platforms connect you with students who are eager to learn from a native speaker. You could tutor them on other subjects as well. One-on-one sessions provide a richer experience for both student and teacher. You’ll know their learning habits and the best way they can retain what you taught them.


Bake or Cook

If you know how to bake or cook, you can consider making cookies, cakes or ready-to-eat meals for delivery. You don’t have to leave the comforts of home to do this. Just buy the ingredients you need and upgrade your kitchen. Start posting your food online and promoting it in social media.


These are just some of the small business ideas you might want to consider trying. Leverage a skill or the experience you already have to become an entrepreneur. Be open to learning new things about the industry you enter. We at Robookkeeper can provide you with affordable bookkeeping services for small business owners. We can be your business partner as you start your journey as an entrepreneur.